Why is Agile So Hard for the Government? Join Sabre On Point to Find Out!

On May 2, 2018, Sabre On Point will host a deep dive into the intricacies and government/industry coordination of successful projects with “Why Agile is so hard for the government (and what we can do to help)?” as part of its IMPACTS and OUTCOMES series.

Join us as we discuss the use of Agile within a variety of entities, including the government and large contracting dependent organizations. These organizations must grapple with vendors that are disconnected from the objectives and organizational outcomes for a variety of reasons, which adds complexity and collaboration overhead to align to their goals. Many government agencies struggle with the decision to adopt the rapidly flexible and adaptable Agile software development.

Sabre Systems’ very own resident Agile expert, Brian Campo, will be providing insight on ways you can work with your government customers and stakeholders to tackle these constraints and successfully deliver value in an Agile way. Sabre uses Agile methodologies on every development project to ensure timely delivery and development and fosters a software environment that’s confident in its response to the constant changes occurring in technology.  Sabre will share insights and experiences on how we can work collaboratively with sponsors to drive business value that meet more traditional program cycles. The presentation aims to help attendees start conversations in the real world about how to better align Agile delivery to their program objectives.

Brian Campo is the Executive Director of Federal and Civilian Innovation at Sabre will share his knowledge and expertise in this conversation about collaboration.

Learn more about what Sabre On Point can offer you and how we can all better understand the complication relationship between the government and Agile software development by joining us on May 2th at Sabre’s headquarters in Warrington, PA. There will be pizza!

About Sabre On Point (www.SabreOnPoint.com): 

By utilizing our expertise and resources with services such as SharePoint, Custom Development, and Agile Consulting for methods and practices, Sabre On Point works tirelessly to help organizations increase productivity and maintain an edge over the ever-evolving ebbs and flows of the tech world. Sabre offers personalized trainings for companies and departments to attain their Agile certifications, and have Scrum Masters in-house, ready and willing to facilitate the process of exchanging information the Agile way. Sabre prides itself on providing integrated solutions that bring efficiencies and cost savings to any organization, whether in the public or the private sector. No two entities are exactly the same, and that’s what we count on at Sabre.

If you have questions about the event or want to learn more about Sabre On Point, please contact Tim Walters at twalters@sabresystems.com or 215.347.1521.

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