Introducing Sabre On Point

In the 28 years since I founded Sabre, I’ve been honored to have been entrusted with supporting the design and test of systems that are vital to our national security. Amid the countless ups and downs, including severe budget cuts, wartime and peacetime, and several administrations, Sabre’s ability to maintain technological superiority gives our nation a significant tactical advantage over our foes while also ensuring the safety of the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way. Our teams work around the clock throughout the globe improving our nation’s scientists’ and engineers’ ability to collaborate seamlessly.

I’ve also had the great fortune to work with many great businesses in both the Philadelphia and Washington DC markets. Like Sabre, these companies have had to navigate significant hurdles to sustain growth, and in some cases, to survive. Speed and agility are paramount, and a common thread Sabre has with these companies is our adept use of technology.

As I travel the region and meet with our government clients, business partners, and other colleagues across industries, it’s very clear that we are undergoing a period of massive change.  Not one person I talk to feels secure in their organization’s readiness to achieve their highest-level objectives. We believe this change manifests itself in three broad ways:  Growth, Productivity, and Security.

  • Growth: Sales and marketing teams are being asked to produce more results and become more data-driven. They need tools to mobilize themselves to find prospects, engage them, convert them to clients, and retain them.
  • Productivity: In this age of change, we are all are trying to do more with less, and need easy-to-use tools at our fingertips that reduce redundancy and automate processes. This allows an organization’s most valuable assets – their people – to maximize their most valuable resource – time.
  • Security: Protecting data and reducing risk are paramount. It seems that every week we hear about a new data breach or a new cyber threat. Organizational leaders are either worried about this, or oblivious to the risks.

With these themes in mind, we thought that this was the ideal time for Sabre to launch our “On Point” division ( to broaden our offering and provide consultative technology services to organizations of all sizes. Sabre On Point brings together state-of-the-art technologies and rigorous methodologies that have been the hallmark of our history, combined with modern tools to deliver custom solutions to improve our client’s growth, productivity, and security. We are positioning Sabre for the future in order to better help our partners in the government and private sector with solutions for a changing world.

Philip Jaurigue – Chairman & CEO

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